Saturday, July 18, 2009

“One day as He walked in the streets of ‘Akká, talking to me with great
gentleness about the manners one should observe in dealing with people, His voice suddenly rose
to a higher pitch as He revealed the following: ‘You must conduct yourself in such a way that
your silence will serve as your highest reproach of any opponent.’”
“. . . He admonished me, ‘If you hear with your own ears that they are insulting me, do not
allow into your heart any hatred for them.’”
Memories of Nine Years in Akká by Dr. Youness Afroukhteh,


HungryMind said...
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HungryMind said...

Hi friend. I'm interested in to know were can I buy the book "How to Attract Divine Confirmations" from wich you quote in the first paragraph of this post, or in its case, where to download it in digital archive format. Thanks in advance for any kind of help. Greetings.

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I'm sorry friend, my comment is related to the post: