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Luck or Fortune: Strive to become worthy of divine confirmation:

Luck or Fortune: Strive to become worthy of divine confirmation:
“A young, illiterate, simple Parsi Baha’i, who apart from his qualities of total sincerity and
complete honesty had no claim to learning or wisdom,” said to ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, “May my life be a
sacrifice for You, what is this luck? Is it real or just an invention?” the Master replied,
“In Baha’i philosophy, luck is the same as divine confirmation, which is ceaseless and continuous,
never subject to interruption or suspension. It is not limited to some to the exclusion of others.
The capacity for its manifestation must be created. Showers of divine bounty and confirmation are
always falling; if any spot experiences a suspension or delay, other areas shall receive these
effusions. The clouds of divine bounty bestow blessings on all. It is sanctified of exclusivity.
The significant point is that he who sows a seed or plants a sapling becomes the recipient of
bounty, he becomes the possessor of good fortune, otherwise he remains deprived. The sun of
mercy is eternal and ever-abiding; it is not specific to some. The loved ones of God must strive to
become worthy of divine confirmations. Misfortune has no true existence. It is simply
deprivation of divine bounty. Darkness is the absence of light; otherwise darkness has no outer
reality. Darkness should be eliminated through the light of the recognition of God. For example,
a storm is a universal blessing. It is a prelude to cool and temperate weather. It is one of nature’s
features, an essential part of natural phenomena. However, if it strikes a ship which is incapable
of resisting its force, this is not due to the ship’s misfortune. The storm did not come to sink the
ship but to follow its own natural course. Now, the more substantial and sturdy the ship, the better
it can endure the force of the storm. Tests of the world of nature are of the same kind.
So good fortune, or luck, is the ceaseless bounty of God, and misfortune is a chance event that
represents its absence. Praise be to God that all of you are fortunate. What fortune is greater than
divine knowledge? What fortune is greater than the love of God, which is the source of all divine
How to Attract Divine Confirmations, (P. 334)

….the Master expounded His approach and began to give specific instructions on how to
attract divine confirmations and strengthen the powers of perseverance.

Regarding the power created by the concentration of forces on a single point and the application
of a single idea uncluttered by any other, He gave wonderful examples which I now find myself
incapable of remembering. However, regarding the importance of perseverance in the
performance of any task, I heard Him reiterate an exhortation which I had heard frequently from
His lips; now again, as a reminder He repeated those words, reviving and awakening me.
‘In any and all endeavours, divine confirmation is wholly dependent on action. Persevere, so
that the hosts of divine bounty may assist you,’ were his words. I even remember that once in the
course of His utterances, taking God as witness He said, ‘The hosts of divine blessings are poised
behind this very window waiting for you to act. If you do not enter the arena of service, of what
use are the hosts of heavenly confirmation? If the commander of the army remains idle and
passive, how can the army achieve victory?’”
p. 272: “While ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s manner of speaking was every pleasant and delightful, yet when
it came to humour His anecdotes left such an effect in the hearts that His listeners were beside
themselves with joy and delight, especially when He told a story to illustrate a point. And
however commonplace such a story might be, His manner of presentation was such that it seemed
as though a sublime and holy Tablet was being revealed. This is why stories told by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá
cannot have the same effect when repeated by anyone else.”

Memories of Nine Years in Akká by Dr. Youness Afroukhteh,

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