Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When my own mother made the "great change" from
one world of God to another, 'Abdu'l-Bahá wrote a very

beautiful tablet to me, in which He spoke of my mother

as being "in the garden of rejuvenation." One day a friend,

who had not yet heard of the tablet of the Master, told

me of a vivid dream she had of my mother, whom she

had known and loved.

(She said) "I seemed to be in a marvelous garden,

where every type of rare and beautiful flower was

in bloom. Moving about among the flowers was a

young girl. She seemed to be a in a state of

inexpressible joy over the loveliness of her garden.

Her voice, as she chanted, was full of the ecstasy of

a complete happiness. She listened to the song of

birds, and inhaled the odor of the flowers as though

she were filling her soul with their fragrance. Suddenly

she turned towards me, as though conscious that

someone was there beside herself. The young girl

facing me with an enchanting smile was your mother,

in the full beauty of youth."

~ Lady Blomfield

(An Early Baha'i from the UK)

In her book entitled "The Chosen Highway"

p. 216

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